When I was 16 years old, my mom started crocheting. She made all kinds of things. Hats, scarves, blankets, and little dolls for the kids in our church's Sunday school. I was so intrigued that I decided to take one of her hooks and the closest ball of yarn and got to work. I gave myself the simple task of making a square. One hour of determination later, I held up my work, and my "square" had somehow ended up as a triangle..shaped..thing.

Frustrated, I put the yarn and crochet hook
away and tossed my project in the trash. A few weeks passed,
and I was so jealous of the beautiful work that my mom made, and I
finally decided that I was not going to let that failure be the end. I
Googled "How to Crochet" and watched all of the videos, read all the blogs, and perfected my technique. I learned about amigurumi and absolutely loved it. I made my very first doll as a gift for my dad which was a "Dwight Schrute" from The Office. I felt so accomplished!

After various gifts and a few years later, word of my talents had spread throughout the small community of family and friends and I started to have people offer me money for my creations! I was encouraged to make a separate Facebook page to advertise my work. One afternoon I
was with my best friend and we were brainstorming names for what I could call my "business". Out of nowhere she bursts out "Chronicles of YARNia", in a joking matter. I thought that was the greatest thing ever, which was where my original name came from! After opening a Facebook business page, I realized that I needed more. I just loved crocheting so much, I wanted to make a larger impact on the world, I didn't want it to just be a hobby anymore. So early 2020 I decided to finally open an Etsy shop. Now, I have re-branded my business, changed my name to Amethyst Crochet and opened my first WEBSITE store.

I am so happy for the decision I made years ago to pick up that hook again and persevere. I am so thankful for the opportunities presented to me to share my work. It so shocking and baffling to me that things that I have made have ended up across the country, even the world! The opportunity to create something that is special and personal for my customers has changed my life.

Thank you to everyone to has given me the chance to impact your life in a small way, thank you for even looking at my page and taking the time to read this. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have!